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Car remote control button cell CR2032/CR2025
Our daily use of car remote control, network set-top box, intelligent electronic scales and other small appliances, all need to use a battery or two, from the previous use of No. 5 or No. 7 batteries are now almost replaced with thin and compact button batteries.

Among them, the car remote control is now one of the products with a large amount of coin cell batteries. According to the manufacturer's program, CR2032 and CR2025 and other models of batteries can be adapted to the car remote control. So what is the difference between these two models? And how should we choose them?

The difference between CR2032 and CR2025 button cell batteries

Their rated voltage is 3V, CR2032 size is 20mm*3.2mm (diameter 20mm, thickness 3.2mm), CR2025 size is 20mm*2.5mm (diameter 20mm, thickness 2.5mm), the size is different, the capacity will also be different. Currently on the market, the CR2032 new record high capacity is 240 mAh, CR2025 capacity can do 170 mAh.
The choice of different CR model coin cell batteries

We usually have to focus on voltage, size, capacity and other issues when choosing different coin cell battery models. The larger the size, the higher the capacity that can be achieved, and the higher the capacity, the longer the usage time will be.

Of course, in addition to the car remote control, CR2032 and CR2025 these two models of button cell batteries can also be used for computer motherboards, electronic scales, pedometers, toys and other products above. In addition there are many CR models of batteries, you can go one by one to compare and choose the right voltage, size and capacity.

If it is a replacement battery for a household appliance, we directly look at which model was used before, and then buy the same one according to the previous model. If it is a new project development in the factory, you can choose according to the size of the board, whether the wiring is with solder feet or not, or take samples for testing, or you can directly consult our engineers to communicate details and choose the most suitable battery for your product.

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