Wide temperature button battery for automobile tire pressure gauge

From January 1 this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology requires all new cars to be mandatory installation of automotive tire pressure gauge, otherwise, not listed for sale.

So, what is a car tire pressure gauge? Many partners do not know much about this. Today we will talk about the car tire pressure gauge and its battery.

What is a car tire pressure gauge

Car tire pressure gauge is also known as tire pressure monitoring system, it is installed in the tire above the real-time monitoring of tire pressure auxiliary system. Whether our vehicle is in motion or stationary, it can ensure the safety of driving, alarm when the tires have air leakage or low pressure, reduce the probability of accidents, is one of the three major safety systems.

In addition to helping us reduce the rate of flat tire accidents, the car tire pressure gauge has many other benefits. For example, we can see the tire pressure, temperature and other data in real time according to the tire pressure gauge detection, so that we can better maintain the wheels, help reduce wheel wear, extend the practical life of the tires, but also reduce the tire low pressure when the contact surface with the ground increased resulting in additional fuel consumption.

Car Tire Pressure Gauge Battery

Car tire pressure gauge are equipped with button batteries for energy, in general, the original battery can be used for 8-10 years. In the vehicle driving especially at high speed, the car tire pressure changes very quickly, and the changing tire pressure is also the biggest hidden danger to safety, so from another point of view, tire pressure monitoring system is also the protection of life safety, so the tire pressure sensor battery is also particularly important!

Because of the high temperature requirements, so the tire pressure gauge in we generally use a wide temperature button battery. Take advantage of today also give you an introduction to the wide temperature battery models. Currently the commonly used models are CR2050HT, CR2450HT, CR1632HT, CR2032HT, etc. They can be used up to -40 ℃ ~ +125 ℃, currently the highest temperature in the market. The following are the specific parameters.

CR2050HT parameters

Size: 20mm*5mm

Voltage: 3V

Capacity: 345mah

Working temperature: -40~+125℃

CR2450HT parameters

Size: 24.5mm*5mm



Working temperature: -40~+125℃

CR1632HT parameters

Size: 16mm*3.2mm

Voltage: 3V


Working temperature: -40~+125℃

CR2032HT parameters

Size: 20mm*3.2mm



Working temperature: -40~+125℃

In order to protect the safety of vehicle driving, your car should also remember to install car tire pressure meter Oh ~

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Post time: Dec-27-2021