Power Source takes you 2 minutes to understand the Bluetooth headset battery model

If the sun is the core energy for human beings, then the coin cell battery is the sun for Bluetooth headset, car electronic key and other kinds of electronic products, is their energy source.
Today, the force of the source of small to introduce you to the coin cell battery in the Bluetooth headset application model la.
Coin cell battery is divided into primary battery and rechargeable battery, rechargeable battery because of high capacity and shape structure rules compact, in the design of Bluetooth headset can be described as a pearl, while with the continuous development of Bluetooth technology and button lithium battery technology is increasingly enhanced, so our daily life use of Apple, Samsung, OPPO and other true wireless Bluetooth headset is mostly the use of rechargeable battery LIR0854, LIR0943, LIR1043, LIR1054, LIR1243, LIR1254, LIR1454, LIR1654 and other models, rechargeable batteries are also mostly applicable to Bluetooth headset, only a small part may be used for medical or other products.
With the development of the market, Liyuan’s researchers also developed the TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset battery LIR1043 in 2018, which has a super large volume of high quality, volume 10% higher than the same industry, in addition to suitable for long-term storage and release, the annual self-release volume will rise < 2%, five years still long to maintain the original 90% of the power consumption, through 20 processes of production and processing, IQC self-checking quality control, so used in Bluetooth headset. The quality is smoothly ensured, so it is used in the Bluetooth headset with superb battery life. We attach the detailed parameters to you.
In addition, Liyuan Bluetooth headset battery stop leakage characteristics, through a unique sealing process, even at high temperatures can reasonably prevent the battery leakage; ultra-low temperature characteristics are also very high quality, according to the unique specific raw materials and processing technology, even in the more ultra-low temperature can also release the electromagnetic energy.
At the same time, Liyuan also provides one-stop OEM battery product solutions and ODM battery product solutions, and new models can be delivered within a month to meet the needs of customers at different levels. If you need coin cell batteries, you should look for Liyuan!
In addition to the true wireless Bluetooth headset battery, we usually use a variety of remote control is a battery CR2025, CR2016 and other models; car keys, computer motherboards, smoke alarms, immobilizers, ETC, POS machines, etc. can use CR2032.CR2450,CR1632 series.
Various types of coin cell batteries are available in Liyuan, come to Liyuan to realize the light and heat of your products!
Liyuan tips: lithium batteries are easily damaged, resulting in a short circuit of the positive and negative poles, which can cause heat and hot phenomena, and possibly a fire! So we must deal with the broken battery in a timely manner, and remember to classify and dispose of the waste battery.










Post time: Dec-17-2021