People who know how to replace car key button batteries are replacing them themselves, how about you?


It’s time to get together with friends again, but A friend complained: “It’s easy to buy a car, it’s hard to keep a car, a car key costs at least a hundred dollars, this world is really difficult!

Friend B was surprised: “4S stores are like this! I’ve been buying cars for years and I’ve always changed them myself, for a few dollars, in a matter of minutes. Come on, I will give you popular replacement car key button battery dry goods!”

Steps to replace the car key button battery by yourself

First, remove the mechanical key by toggling the slider on the car key.

Second step, use the mechanical key to slowly pry up the key cover along the gap in the middle of the car key.

Step 3, after the key is opened, we can clearly see the location of the battery, according to the direction of the battery positive and negative correct replacement, and then the two flaps can be closed.

Is not very simple ~

Finally, remember to try to see if the key function is normal.

Of course, each car key requires a different coin cell battery model, please catch the following car key coin cell battery model table.

29 (1) 29 (2) 29 (3) 29 (4) 29 (5) 29 (6) 29 (7) 29 (8)

The above is the car key button battery model table, did you catch it?

If there are other car brands of battery replacement, welcome to contact Liyuan consulting Oh ~

Post time: Nov-29-2021