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Successfully developed 3C high-capacity series coin cell batteries to accelerate the layout of TWS headset button battery market
According to IDC report, the overall growth of wearable market in the second quarter of 2020 is 14.1%, and TWS headset as one of the best-selling wearable devices in the market, the demand this year also remains considerable, the rapid development of small batteries is also in line with the huge market demand for small smart hardware brought by the future 5G era. As a coin cell battery rooted for more than ten years, Liyuan Battery Technology Co., Ltd. 2018 began to focus on the development of TWS Bluetooth headset batteries, recently developed a stable fast-charging TWS series batteries, 3C fast-charging cycle 500 times to maintain more than 80%, the capacity of more than 20% higher than the market average.
Liyuan Battery Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of button-type lithium batteries, after 10 years of development, the products and production capacity have been upgraded and optimized, the company mainly produces BR, CR, LIR series batteries, and also supplies AG, AA, AAA dry batteries. From 2018 to invest dozens of people as a thematic R & D team, the TWS headset button battery research and development, successfully developed LIR854, LIR943, LIR1040, LIR1043, LIR1054, LIR1243, LIR1254, LIR1454, LIR1654 and other series of batteries, and divided into high multiplier type, high capacity type for classification Thematic research, the current product performance of Liyuan batteries, has been at the leading level of the market.
Figure 1: 3C high capacity L1254 charge and discharge curve
q40Figure 2: Cycle performance curve of 3C high capacity L1254
q41Charge:CC-CV/180mA-4.2V  2mA cut off @RT
Discharge:CC/30mA to 3V@RT
Figure 3: Voltage distribution of 3C capacity 
q423C battery voltage distribution (sampling 100Pcs): average voltage 3.976V
Figure 4: Internal resistance distribution of 3C high capacity L1254
3C battery internal resistance distribution (sampling 100PCs): average internal resistance 269.3mΩ



Post time: Dec-17-2021