Liyuan battery technology wide temperature button battery breakthrough high and low temperature bottleneck, minus 40 ℃, high temperature 125 ℃ use without worry

The characteristics of the steel-cased button battery, which drops when exposed to heat and weak when exposed to cold, greatly hinder the application of the battery in cold and high temperature environments. Liyuan Battery Technology Research Institute broke through the technical bottleneck and developed a wide temperature button battery that can be used normally at 125 degrees Celsius under high temperature and -40 degrees Celsius under zero temperature.

In China's northeast, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Tibet, and abroad in Russia, Africa, and other regions of the weather temperature is very extreme, below zero can reach between 20-30 degrees Celsius, and extreme times may reach minus 40 degrees. The performance of the battery is closely related to the ambient temperature, and the discharge capacity and discharge capacity drop sharply in low temperature environment. We have tested the BR2032 of other companies, and the visual data is basically unable to discharge at minus 40 degrees.

As shown in the figure.

Liyuan battery technology-1

In order to solve this problem, Liyuan Battery Technology Research Institute keeps testing, upgrading and improving, testing over and over again, and now our batteries can still keep discharging at -40 degrees Celsius, truly achieving the performance of low temperature button cell batteries. Customers no longer have to worry about our button battery in -40 degrees Celsius problems.

When it comes to heat, it drops, except for the weather around the world, many products in use when the temperature will reach 85-100 degrees Celsius, for example, some electrical equipment single battery as a storage power, the temperature can reach 85 degrees Celsius and above, which greatly enhances the temperature requirements of the battery.

Most of the wide temperature batteries on the market experience a sharp drop in capacity when they encounter a high temperature of 120 degrees. After several R&D upgrades, Liyuan wide temperature button cell has a new breakthrough, when the temperature reaches 125 degrees Celsius, it can still discharge normally. As shown in the picture.

Liyuan battery technology-2

Post time: Aug-24-2021