Coin cell batteries are small and easy to use, and are the main energy source used in industrial, medical, and microelectronic devices. With the development of Internet of Things technology, there is an increasing demand for button batteries in computer motherboards, wireless induction networks, smoke alarms, portable medical devices, data collection terminals, electronic toys, remote controls, keys, computer peripherals, portable audio devices, etc.

Although the button cell is small, there are many different models with different diameters and thicknesses, and different output voltages. The main ones are silver oxide batteries, lithium-manganese button cells, alkaline manganese batteries, etc. According to the charging method can be divided into non-rechargeable and charge-discharge two ways, usually also called primary and secondary batteries, in addition to capacity and size, the output voltage is also the main selection parameters.

Non-rechargeable button cell batteries include: 3V lithium manganese battery (CR) series, 1.5V alkaline button cell (LR, Ag) series, 1.55V zinc battery series.

Rechargeable button cell batteries include: 3.6V lithium ion button cell (LIR series), 3V lithium ion button cell (ML and VL series).

The current primary batteries are mainly CR series and Ag series.

CR series

CR series is manganese lithium material, we commonly used CR2032, CR2025, CR1620, etc. are all belong to manganese lithium batteries. The voltage all belong to 3V, and the working current is usually 0.1-0.2mA. The factory voltage is generally above 3V and below 3.45. The voltage above 3V is a false charge, and the battery will discharge smoothly only below 3V. Because of its voltage and current characteristics, this series of button cell is widely used in electronic scales, student cards, electronic dictionaries, motherboards, CMOS, watches and other electronic products.

Ag series

Ag0-Ag13 series has 14 models, which belong to LR series of alkaline coin cell batteries with 1.5V voltage, suitable for micro discharge requirements. Suitable for calculators, electronic toys, hearing aids, watches, etc.

Zinc oxide silver batteries belong to non-rechargeable button batteries. SR type zinc oxide silver batteries have the characteristics of large capacity, stable discharge voltage and good storage performance. The battery voltage is 1.55V, and the discharge curve is stable and close to straight.

LIR series is the highest voltage battery among button batteries, with an operating voltage of up to 3.6-3.7V, which is three times higher than NiMH batteries. ML and LV series are more special, although they are rechargeable batteries, the voltage is 3V. Rechargeable button batteries are suitable for various electronic products. When the product needs to use more than 3V voltage, you can use multiple batteries need to be connected in series to different voltages (e.g. 6VF22.11A.26A.476A,9V6F2.10A.25A,8.4V120H7D,12V23A.27A, etc.).

With the growing demand for batteries in industries such as TWS headset and IoT, the circuit application design is also facing three major problems of battery life, cost and volume. Engineers not only have to design the circuit, but also have to choose different types of batteries according to the application, which is also tougher. If you encounter new needs can be sent directly to the manufacturer to see if there is a corresponding battery model, the battery manufacturer’s side of the engineer will also give you the appropriate advice, welcome to consult.
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Post time: Nov-08-2021