Do you think it’s good to charge your phone battery quickly?
Fast charging has three disadvantages:
1.Fast charging will make it easy to overcharge
What is overcharging, and how does it affect battery performance?
Overcharge refers to the behavior of charging the battery after a certain charging process is fully charged. Every manufacturer claims that their mobile phone is equipped with a charging protection circuit, which automatically stops charging when it is fully charged, but who guarantees that the protection circuit function will not be aged, will not be damaged and will always be in normal use? Long-term overcharging will accelerate the aging of the battery and shorten its service life rapidly. So we try to cut off the power supply after full charge, unplug the charger, for the night to sleep for a long time used to charge all night friends should pay attention to.

2. Fast charging will cause high temperature of the battery in a short time
Today’s mobile phone batteries are basically chemical batteries, which convert chemical energy into electricity through a chemical reduction reaction. Conversely, electrical energy is converted into chemical energy during charging. This process will generate heat, need to discharge, fast charging must be faster to discharge heat, so often in a short time to make the battery temperature rise faster, high temperature battery material performance will be degraded, the cycle life of the battery will be greatly shortened.

3. Fast charging will increase the current through the battery
If the mobile phone is charged with fast charging device, the charging voltage will be increased, and the charging current will be increased accordingly. Then the problem comes, the oxygen produced by the positive battery through the diaphragm paper and the hydrogen produced by the negative electrode compound in general, the internal pressure will not be significantly increased, but if the charging current is too large, the oxygen generated too late to be consumed, it may cause the increase of internal pressure, battery deformation, leakage and other adverse phenomena. At the same time, the reversibility of positive and negative active substances of the battery is damaged, which can only be partially recovered by recharging, and its capacity will decrease, and its electrical performance will be significantly reduced.
(Note: Internal pressure refers to the internal pressure of the battery, which is the pressure formed by the gas generated in the charging and discharging process of the sealed battery.)

To sum up, although mobile phone quick charge gives us convenience, it has advantages and disadvantages. If these disadvantages cannot be solved, our mobile phone battery is easily damaged, and the most serious explosion accident occurs. Are you still pretty sure that a quick charge is good?

Post time: Jul-02-2022