CR1225 Lithium manganese battery manufacturer Liyuan battery in the lithium battery industry for many years deep, at the beginning of the start-up started from 2010, Liyuan cells from several models to service industry customers, with the diversification of customer demand growth, developed dozens of models, fully meet the market demand, with many domestic and foreign well-known brands of electronic enterprises to form a good and close relations of cooperation.

With the rapid development of science and technology, battery plays an important role in power supply. Every advance in battery technology can directly or indirectly drive the further improvement of electronic equipment. Today, I recommend a CR1225 coin cell. The production process of this battery is very high, and only a few powerful manufacturers can produce it in the whole lithium battery field.

CR1225 is a member of Lithium manganese battery series,  The positive electrode material is manganese dioxide with stable chemical properties, the negative electrode material is Lithium metal, the electrolyte is Lithium battery electrolyte, and the main component is Lithium perchlorate.The solvent is PC (Propylene carbonate), DMC (dimethyl carbonate), DOL (dioxy-pentane).

The diameter of CR1225 is 12.5mm, the height is 2.5mm, the nominal voltage is 3.0V, the termination voltage is 2.0V, the general manufacturer shipping current is more than 100mA, the weight is about 1g, the rated capacity is 50mAH, the use temperature range is minus 20 degrees to 60 degrees.

Liyuan Battery Technology Co., LTD., It is a button battery manufacturer listed in Shenzhen Qianhai Equity Exchange. It is a good choice for electronic enterprises that have quality requirements for supporting batteries.

Post time: May-31-2022