Can sodium-ion batteries replace lithium-ion batteries?

The price of lithium materials has risen sixfold this year, causing the cost of lithium-ion batteries to rise steeply. The market is in turmoil, and manufacturers are unprepared for how to respond.In this environment, some manufacturers began to layout sodium ion battery instead of lithium ion battery, because the production of sodium ion battery needed materials widely, the price can be cheaper to thirty percent of the lithium ion battery , so the sodium ion battery can replace the lithium ion battery
Before discussing this issue, it is important to compare the advantages and disadvantages of sodium-ion batteries with lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium ion batteries have been widely used for more than a decade to replace batteries made of other materials, which naturally has its unique advantages:
①. High energy density.

②. High working voltage.

(3) wide range of working temperature adaptation.

(4). Small self-discharge.

⑤. No memory effect.

⑥. Long cycle life.

These major advantages cannot be combined with other general materials, but there are also disadvantages:

①. Safety performance is difficult to control.

②. Shortage of resources.

③ Expensive materials and high production costs.

Compared with lithium ion battery, its disadvantages are exactly the advantages of sodium ion battery:

Good safety performance, compared with lithium ion is easier to control.

②. Rich in resources, sodium is the sixth element of crustal resources, mining is more convenient.

③. The material is cheap, compared with the production cost of lithium ion material is estimated to be 30% cheaper.

Because of the above reasons, more than a dozen domestic manufacturers began to layout sodium ion battery, investment in research and production, once the market is mature can seize the opportunity. But does it really happen?

Taking Liyuan battery technology as an example, the following bottlenecks are encountered in the process of research and test production:

①. As the radius of sodium ion is larger than that of lithium ion, the motion speed of loaded electrons is slow, and it is difficult to achieve reversible deembedding than that of lithium ion.

(2) Because each manufacturer is in a conservative closed state in technology, and no manufacturer can complete a perfect set of production technology theory for reference, so in the research and development are in the exploratory stage, the lack of theoretical guidance.

(3) There is no fixed system mode for matching materials, and the purchasing party and the supplier can not reach a consensus standard.

(4) The market cannot reach the state of large-scale supply and demand, and the producers cannot break through the profit boundary and mass production.

To sum up, sodium-ion batteries are difficult to replace lithium-ion batteries in the short term.

Post time: Jun-25-2022