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In general, B&O’s new BeoplaiH5 Bluetooth wireless headphones have a fashionable and complex shape, fit into the ear of the comfortable reaction, while the integrated splash and dust resistance, not bad life performance, war proud of the professional tuning level, of course, can also play with the exclusive APP different scenes of sound style which is cool for young people who like music and sports. The BeoplaiH5 can be used to listen to and enjoy a musical feast, regardless of whether it is a general mission era of the bumpy commute, or holding spare time to perform running, fitness and other actions.

In the face of today’s fast-paced, high-intensity urban life, many young people love to relax and decompress through music and movement, but subject to the constraints of traditional wired headphones wire, movement is particularly unlucky to organize, of course, specifically for the emergence of the activity of Bluetooth wireless headphones to solve this problem, but the ensuing profile, wearing comfort, durability, sound quality and range and other aspects of the interpretation of the experience but Because of the differences in brand positioning and technical strength, the final performance is not satisfactory.

I with most of the hobby music and sports partners have different ideas, that is, I wish there is such a balance between the hypothetical beauty and sound quality, can wear comfortable and not bad life of the movement of Bluetooth headphones worth the joy of the high-end audio and video brand Bang & OlufsenB&O from Denmark initially launched a model BeoplaiH5 Bluetooth wireless hanging neck headset hands-on experience After a time found very close to my interpretation needs, in the spirit of good things worth sharing guidelines, the following for everyone to detoxify this listening tide.

From the BeoplaiH5 packaging alone, B & O for its adoption of a simple realistic hypothetical atmosphere, such as suitable for its family’s usual frugal outside the luxury of the calm set. The new H5 has two sets of black and pink color schemes, which can be intuitively distinguished from the product diagram printed on the box. Through the parameters featured on the reverse side of the box, I invented BeoplaiH5 application of a number of high-tech, especially the latest Bluetooth 4.2 support aptX? codec technology, so that music lovers can enjoy the CD-level pure wireless audio listening through the headphones equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 version.

Open the box cover and no hypothetical lute half-veiled screen flash, and BeoplaiH5 headphones so straightforward in front of the present, of course, inlaid in the sponge foam headphones or sheltered quite properly, and for the convenience of users to host the accessories below the sponge on both sides of the envisaged handle ribbon.

From the packaging of rich accessories can be seen, in addition to the main body of the headset, but also equipped with a mysterious special charging “little magic cube” and a thick velvet carry-on storage bag and two not very obvious pocket backup bundle of clips, in addition to meet the needs of different user ear hole size differences, especially with three pairs of silicone earcups of different sizes And recall the sponge earcups, plus the headphones have been installed on a pair of silicone earcups, a total of 7 pairs.

All the packaging accessories, the first details for everyone to show BeoplaiH5 this mysterious and unusual charging “little magic cube” said its mysterious and special on the one hand because the appearance is very strange, if there is no headset bit with, alone it is difficult to associate with the actual use; and on the other hand because of its charging situation is envisaged out of the ordinary, compared to the Compared to the old Bluetooth headset in the body of the original is a small hole charging brought about by the impact on the aesthetic and idle into the water and dust and other aspects of the no residual bad, BeoplaiH5 charging “little tesseract” adopted the innovative style of magnetic suction warfare charging, we may focus on the H5 headset on the metal contacts, the war with the charging “Little magic cube” on the customized embedded groove, may allow H5 headset very stable fit in the upper edge of the performance of charging.

In addition, the integrated USB input cable may be very convenient to connect the phone charging adapter or computer USB port, and in the charging process, charging “little magic square” on a LED leadership light to charge the status of the reminder, the light will turn from yellow to green after the completion of charging, the basic time spent on each charge in 2 hours or so.

To say that the additional 6 pairs of earcups, silicone covers belong to the mainstream headphone set-up, while the emergence of retrospective sponge earcups appear to be more amateurish in place because the BeoplaiH5 is equipped with three sets of retrospective sponge earcups for the Compli exclusive Sport earcups, whose fine open-hole structure ensures a perfect fit for listening comfort, and very breathable, in addition to the Sport earcups are In addition, the Sport earcups are equipped with a SweatGuard outer layer to prevent sweat from corrupting the earphone’s vocal tract.

And accessories in the velvet carry-on storage bag for the harnessed closure design, usually go out may be very convenient to place the headphones in a safe, can effectively prevent the headphones and the bag of keys and other hard objects contradictory wear. The details include the harness buckle and spare harness clips, manufacturers are etched with B&O brand LOGO on the upper side of the different processing methods, of course, for the product with taste and style, where the case users will not mind the brand LOGO flooded too many times.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the BeoplaiH5 headphone wire used by the outer layer of anti-tangle high woven material, the length of 52cm is said to be hypothetically inspired by the high-end lifting laces, taking into account the conflict that may arise in the process of lifting the skin of the direct soldier, and therefore decided to weave the advantages of the wire outer skin is also a combination of comfort and ease of cleaning. The inner rubber insulating skin that is molded and integrated with the woven thread is a good protection against sweat and dust, so it seems to fit its claimed splash and dust resistance.

Finally, back to the supporting role of this article BeoplaiH5 should say that the bright spot of the whole pair of headphones or headphones at the top of the two pieces of diamond-like laser polished aluminum, light refraction of the B & O logo glittering. The shell of the headphones is made of detailed textured rubber and polymer, which can seriously resist sweat and moisture. In addition, the headphones are built with two capacity of 50mA h rechargeable lithium batteries, to achieve a maximum of 5 hours of battery life, whether it is bump commuting or fitness, running and other activities to meet the listening needs of the period. And thanks to the lightweight material control, the weight of a single headset is only 18G even if a pair of headphones including the weight of the wire is only 44G.

Inside the headset is worth paying attention to the L channel near the edge of the magnetic metal contacts suppose there is an LED leadership light, the power state for the white light is always on, if the power is not remaining when the red light flashes, and in the Bluetooth search state is flashing blue light, for mastering the headset state is very intuitive and convenient. In addition, to distinguish the headset’s swing sound channel is also very simple, the user may be embossed in the tail of the headset LR logo or through the identification of the line control in the L channel of the hypothetical to the accurate positioning.

BeoplaiH5 line control part of the important combination of 3 keys plus microphone, which is the front of the line control “- logo marker marker corresponding to the function of the bottom button for volume up and down and bump switch, the center LOGO logo corresponding to the function of the bottom button for power off and contains the phone answer/hang-up function, while the first time with the phone Bluetooth binding, it is also necessary by Long press the key for 5 seconds to perform Bluetooth pairing. Because the bottom of the keys have a small bar to distinguish, so the basic will not appear to be able to misuse.

The BeoplaiH5 is a new headset that is designed to be used with a small magnet inside the headset, so when it is not in use, only the two ends of the headset with magnetic suction will automatically power off after being hung on the neck with each other close to the adsorption, is not very cool to save it.

On the core of the headset sound unit part, I checked the 6.4mm dynamic unit, impedance 16 ohms, sensitivity of 90dB ± 3dB frequency response range of 20-20kHz and from the parameters of high sensitivity and low resistance alone it is clear that BeoplaiH5 belongs to the Bluetooth headset is very easy to push, of course, the nature of the audio pros and cons and manufacturers of acoustic engineers tuning level contact greater.

And on the wearing comfort of the feeling, I by the actual experience of a period of time, BeoplaiH5 because the structure of the headset suitable for ergonomic design, especially with the recall sponge wear manipulation fit is very comfortable, whether it is running or cycling and other certain intensity of movement are not worried about the zero, the most critical a move down the ear canal without the slightest sense of discomfort and pain. And the matching braided line for a long time close to the neck will not feel skin discomfort, and no old wired headphones annoying stethoscope effect.

For BeoplaiH5 this Bluetooth wireless headset subjective listening quality performance, because the front-end equipment for cell phones plus audio source where mp3 files are the main, so the author’s requirements do not hope to achieve HiFi level, and the final BeoplaiH5 sound quality is still proportionately gratifying right. First of all, the headset’s three frequencies are more balanced, and there is no obvious shortcomings; and decomposition recovery because of the latest Bluetooth version 4.2 support under the aptX?codec technology, so that the details of the recovery and wired headphones compared to the basic can not hear the difference; other B&O tuning strength is very unique only BeoplaiH5 does not boast of HiFi but its home tuning The style is not particularly embellished digital sound, low-frequency muddy sense and high-frequency burr sense, listen for a long time will not feel tired.

Considering the daily use of this headset to commute and move to intensify the expression with, I deliberately focus on listening to some of the typical soothing and fresh and bright tracks of Hisaishi let, when the sound can enjoy the comfortable, work audio smell, the vast sense of indulgence in the generation of special can not let people close their eyes to enjoy quietly; and like Faye Wong, Liang Jingru such vocals female poison, the kind of heavenly ethereal war trickling water like detailed Listen to the feeling can also be more in place of the notes; of course, for running and other sports adapted songs are based on the rhythmic rhythm of the song style, because the appropriate song style may allow listeners more high spirit and input, so that the movement becomes more interesting and efficient, of course, this is more test headphones transient response and level of performance, and in the author’s speed running through the test listening to FallOutBoi and BrunoMar Rock and hip-hop rap tracks invented, the right rhythm with the step frequency like a shot of stimulants, a run down the whole people high not to mention.

Post time: Aug-24-2021