Asia Bluetooth Headset Show was successfully opened on August 20, 2020.

This is an industry event about TWS Bluetooth headset, where there are displays of products from various companies in the industry, as well as the sharing of all the industry experts, which also includes the display of TWS battery products and the industry sharing of TWS headset batteries.

Here, we are more sure of the development potential of the TWS market, even in the unstable situation abroad, the epidemic situation is not yet fully stabilized, the development of the TWS headset industry is still unstoppable.

Liyuan battery as TWS headset battery manufacturer, based on the needs of the TWS Bluetooth headset industry, in this exhibition to show a variety of models
LIR854, LIR943, LIR1043, LIR1054, LIR1243, LIR1254, LIR1454, LIR1654, LIR2450
LIR2032,LIR2025,LIR2016 and other models of secondary rechargeable batteries.

Liyuan battery has been developing and producing steel-cased button cell batteries since 2010, and has a R&D team consisting of domestic battery technology talents, electrochemical engineers, and chief engineers famous in the battery industry, and has conducted many years of joint research and development on battery industry materials with Beijing Aviation Material Research Institute and other scientific research institutions. advantages. After more than 10 years of development, Liyuan Battery Technology has a number of innovations, research and development and applications in new technologies and new materials. We have successfully obtained many patents and various certificates for domestic and foreign batteries. With strong technology and production, it has become one of the mainstays among the TWS headphone battery manufacturers.

In order to ensure the safety performance of headset products in the process of use, Liyuan technical engineers repeatedly data testing of Bluetooth headset batteries, found that the current Liyuan secondary rechargeable battery safety, capacity, performance, etc. in the industry occupies a unique advantage, including, LIR1254 rechargeable button cell with the industry’s faster charging speed, 3C charging 500 times after the constant current ratio of up to 80%, 20 1C charge 0.2C discharge, the product after 300 cycles, but also maintains a recovery capacity of more than 93%, the height expansion rate of less than 0.1mm. charging 0 ~ +45 ℃, discharge -20 ~ +60 ℃, storage temperature can reach -50 +120 ℃.

There is a saying that where you spend your time, where it will blossom, Shenzhen Liyuan battery in steel-cased button battery rooted for more than a decade, the next will also continue to deep research and development innovation out of more models of TWS headset battery, to bring better products to the market. We also welcome you to visit our factory!


Post time: Nov-29-2021