Lithium ion button cell LIR1054

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A typical capsule endoscope consists of seven parts, a transparent housing, a light source, an imaging element, a sensor, a battery, a transmitter module and an antenna. In simple terms: a capsule endoscope is a capsule that can take pictures and then transmit the images to the recorder in real time. Endoscope requirements for the battery: high capacity, high energy density, 500 times the capacity retention rate is still greater than 80%, with high safety performance and good storage performance.

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LIR1054 coin cell battery has been improved for many times, and the existing LIR1054 coin cell battery has high safety performance and storage performance, and the battery also has good multiplier discharge performance after long time storage to meet the specific use requirements of endoscope.

Guang dong Liyuan Battery Technology is demand-oriented, R&D-driven and quality-centered to build a trusted brand, the following are our four advantages.

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Direct supply from the original factory

Direct supply from the original factory, product certification, shipping reports (air/sea/land transport) and other certificates are complete to ensure a 5-year warranty of not less than 95% of the storage capacity, a large number of spot supply

According to the customer scene selection

Help customers to select, according to the customer use scenario selection, to give a suitable cost-effective solution in terms of brand combined with the actual situation of the customer to give specific guidance on the landing program.

Complete specifications and sufficient supply

Liyuan battery technology has as a production factory, can provide batch material inspection report, category specifications are complete, sufficient capacity.

Convenient and efficient logistics and distribution

Liyuan battery technology source efficient integration of market logistics resources, with a mature integrated logistics and distribution supply chain, to provide global customers with fast and reliable logistics and distribution services.

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