Short Description:

Short Description:

Battery Brand:IYUA

Battery series:coin cell battery

battery origin:China

Battery Type:Lithium-ion battery

Product certification:ROHS/Wal-Mart/UL,CB,BIS,,air,sea certificates.

+86 15817351758

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1.Transport and storage
The cell is packed into boxes for transportation under the state of 70% charge. In the transportation process, it shall prevent severe vibration and impact or extrusion to prevent sun and rain, and shall not be inverted. The cell is stored (within 1 month) in a clean, dry and ventilated room with ambient temperature of -20℃ ~ 45℃, avoiding contact with corrosive substances and away from fire and heat sources.

2.1 Warnings
To prevent the possibility of the pack from leaking, heating, fire .please observe the following precautions:
 Do not put batteries in microwave ovens or pressure vessels
 Do not use the battery with other different types or models of batteries together.
 Do not leave the battery in a charger or equipment if it generates an older or heat, changes color or shape, leaks electrolyte, or cause any the abnormality.
 The battery should be kept out of reach of the child, and if the child accidentally swallows the battery, seek
immediate medical attention.
 If the battery leaks or gives off an odor, immediately remove it from the vicinity of the open fire; The leaking
electrolyte may cause a fire or explosion.
 If the battery leaks and the electrolyte enters the eye, do not wipe it, rinse it with water and seek immediate
medical attention.
2.2 Prohibition
To prevent the possibility of the pack from leaking, heating, fire .please observe the following precautions:
 Do not submerge the battery in water, do not wet the battery when store the battery.
 Do not use the battery or touch the heat source;
 Do nor connect the battery reversed in positive (+) and negative;
 Do not connect the battery directly to a wall outlet or vehicle-mounted cigarette socket.
 Do not put the battery into a fire, or heat the battery;
 Do not let the battery terminals (+ and -) contact a wire or any metal(like a metal necklace or a hairpin) with
it carried or stored together, may cause short-circuit.
 Do not hit or throw the battery or cause mechanical shock.
 Do not puncture the battery housing with nails or other sharp objects. Do not hammer or pedal batteries.
 Direct welding of battery terminals is prohibited. 禁止直接焊接电池端子;
 Do not decompose the battery in any way.
 Do not charge the battery in fire or in extreme heat conditions.

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