Hearing aid special button battery LIR1043

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Under the diligent research and development of scientific personnel, for TWS professional preparation of rechargeable button battery LIR1043, the model battery diameter 10MM. thickness 4.3MM, the model is small and thin, but sufficient capacity, can reach 40 mAh, and by repeated testing. LIR1043 can be charged with 70 mA (2C), charging performance is good, market research, customer response, the battery will soon be loved by some headphone party program and become the future big bang.

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Battery Brand IYUA Battery series coin cell battery
battery origin China Battery Type Lithium-ion battery
Product certification ROHS Standard Voltage 3.6/3.7v
battery model LIR1043 Standard capacity 35mAh
size 10*4.3(mm) Materials 430
Storage temperature 0-35 working temperature -20℃+60℃
Applicable scope electronic product Outer packaging industrial package





Product Features





Product features


● Wide temperature battery operating temperature range: -40+125℃; rechargeable battery operating temperature: -20+60℃; primary battery operating temperature: -20+60℃;

● Excellent leak-proof performance and special sealing process can effectively avoid battery leakage even at high temperature;

● Excellent low temperature performance, special active materials and processes, can effectively release electricity even at lower temperatures;

● Excellent working performance under high-speed motion, can be used in motion state up to 2000G (equivalent to a car speed of 300 km/h);

● Good environmental performance, the product does not contain mercury, cadmium, lead and other heavy metal harmful substances, fully in line with environmental protection requirements and the EU 2006/66/EC battery directive;

● Good safety performance, Comply with relevant standards under the safety test requirements, safe and reliable;

● High cost performance, product performance can be compared with similar imported products, replacing imported products will greatly save purchasing costs.

● We have strict quality control system and abundant experience in supporting large companies such as TCL and Gree.


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Stable quality

Manufacturing through 20 processes,IQC self-inspection quality control, quality assurance

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low self-discharge

Suitable for long-term storage, the annual self-discharge capacity will be less than 2%, and it will still maintain 90% of the factory power for 5 years, and comprehensively improve the battery endurance

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Sufficient capacity

Sufficient capacity, 10% higher capacity than peers, strict quality control and power test

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long service life

The energy gathering ring technology, locks the electricity delivery rate of 99.999%, and the service life is 20% higher than that of the peers


Liyuan battery has a wide range of applications, TWS earphones, medical equipment, hearing aids, automotive electronics: tire pressure detection system (TPMS), etc.; memory and backup power: memory backup, clock power, data backup power, etc.; various smart meters : Smart meters, water meters, gas meters, heat meters, etc.; wireless alarms/sensors: smoke alarms, temperature monitors, etc.; remote detection systems: marine telemetry systems, positioning devices, etc.; electronic charging systems: electronic charging systems, etc.; military Uses: wireless communications, night vision devices, tracking and positioning equipment, etc.; other electronic and electrical products used at high and low temperatures.

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Customized Solutions


Customized on demand

According to the different needs of customers, OEM is different


Card processing

In order to keep the CR battery to meet the needs of users, the CR battery is processed by card mounting.


Coin Cell Battery of PIN

According to the needs of different customers, it can ensure the normal connection of different angles, and can process the welding line and the welding foot.

Recently, Liyuan Battery Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. chairman, Mr. Ma said that although the LIR1043 model is small, not easy to produce, but Liyuan Technology has the ability to mass production, for the lithium-ion button-type Bluetooth headset battery added a new member.

Liyuan battery technology, in line with the talent for the fundamental, management as the basis, quality as the life, brand as the soul, reputation as a guarantee of the business philosophy, Liyuan battery has domestic battery technology talent, electrochemical engineers, the battery industry is known for the chief engineer of the R & D team, and with the Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials and other scientific research institutions on the battery industry materials for many years of joint research and development, the battery storage performance, safety performance, high platform, high-capacity battery. Safety performance, high platform, high capacity, high current charging and discharging has the core advantages. After nearly 10 years of development, Liyuan Battery Technology has a number of innovations, research and development and applications in new technology and new materials. We have successfully obtained many patents and certificates for domestic and foreign batteries. As a professional research and development manufacturer in button battery industry, Liyuan battery always keeps the original intention and insists on the principle of customer demand, focusing on the research and development, production and sales of button batteries. Recently, Liyuan Research Institute, through in-depth research on the working mode of IOT products, adjusted the battery process and formula in a targeted manner, aiming at solving the demand of intelligent products for batteries, meeting users' power needs in all aspects, and providing comprehensive high-capacity IOT battery solutions for multi-field scene IOT products.

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