CR2477 high-capacity instrumentation IOT remote control water meter electric meter 3V button cell

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With the September 22nd twenty-four solar terms "autumn" past, the first day of autumn, the circle of friends is the first cup of milk tea after autumn screen.
For all day facing the computer, thinking about how to open today's writing inspiration for the editor, I do not want milk tea, I only want to insulation cup soak goji berries, hair can be firmly grown in the scalp, in this dry autumn do not lack of water and hair loss.
With the public demand, these two years smart insulation cup is also popular. Our body needs about 2000ml of water every day, but in this busy society, we face a busy work, often is a busy start to work, busy busy forget to drink water, a morning has passed. Generally we feel very thirsty when the body has been seriously dehydrated, so have a smart water cup is very necessary, it can remind us to drink water on time, just set the time in the APP, it will also show the water temperature is how much, we no longer have to worry about scalding the skin of the mouth. At the same time, some smart water cup also has a water quality monitoring function, to help us drink better water. With a smart mug mom will no longer have to worry about our drinking water problems.
See here, don't think I am going to tell the story of the water cup. In fact, today is to introduce a small energy in the smart water cup - smart water cup button battery.
Whether it is water cup temperature measurement, water quality monitoring, drinking water reminders, these are certainly less power support.
General high-end smart mug will use steel-cased CR2450, CR2477/2050/2032 and other models of batteries. Button battery has high current, long storage time, stable performance, high capacity, long discharge time, small size and other characteristics, so many products can not do without it. At the same time, Liyuan battery manufacturer's batteries have high cost performance, fast delivery and good service, which are deeply loved by customers. If you need, please feel free to contact us.

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