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In daily life, we sometimes inevitably lose three or four, and this time if there is an anti-loss device, then things will be very good to do.

Recently Apple out of airtag anti-loss device is a little fire, today we will see, airtag anti-loss device are composed of what parts it.
1, open the shell cover you can see a very common 3V CR2032 button cell.
2, airtag has three internal silver-plated contacts, looks particularly textured.
3, pry open from the edge, there is a moving coil speaker, used as an RF inductor, and some used as a debugging interface contacts.
4, the product shell acts as the speaker diaphragm, which is too creative.
5, the antenna as a whole using the nano-injection molding process.
6, the back of the motherboard has a large USI Bluetooth module, and an audio chip.

Liyuan battery specializes in all kinds of button batteries, in addition to the anti-loss device button battery CR2032, there are other models: CR2025/CR2016/CR1632/CR2450/CR1620/CR1625 and so on. Welcome to consult!

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