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Button battery material distinction

There are many kinds of batteries on the market, batteries, power batteries, lithium batteries and so on, although they are all batteries, but they have different names, called different, the size is also different. In addition to cylindrical small batteries, like the small round batteries we make such as the size of a button, so called button batteries.

Cylindrical and button battery models are very many, and very wide range of uses, different models of materials are not quite the same.

Low mercury alkaline zinc-manganese button cell series

These batteries are generally identified with LR, for example, LR-43, LR-44, also we often say AG12, AG13, by the label can be known, his main composition is composed of zinc and manganese. There is another kind of alkaline column type battery also uses LR as the first logo, for example, LR03, LR06 is also our usual No. 5 and No. 7 batteries.

Alkaline zinc-silver button battery series
These batteries are generally made of alkaline zinc-silver, which is usually called silver chloride, and are commonly used in models such as SR-521, SR-621, SR726, etc.
SR726, etc.

Mercury-free button-type lithium manganese battery series
We commonly use primary battery CR type battery, which is made of lithium manganese material, such as the most commonly used CR2032, CR2450, CR1632, etc. CR+model+HT also means wide temperature battery.

Mercury-free high-chloride zinc column type battery series
This is the carbon battery, usually started by R.

In addition, like our rechargeable button battery LIR, this is composed of lithium ion, this battery is generally used in TWS Bluetooth headset.
BR battery, generally indicates a wide temperature battery, the positive electrode is fluorocarbon, the negative electrode is lithium metal.

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