Button cell for remote control electronics CR1632

Short Description:

Round, button type, 1632 represents the standard size of the battery, button batteries are named for the first two digits (below 10mm for one digit) for the diameter, the last two digits for the thickness. 1632 in the 16 means the diameter is 16.0mm, 32 represents the height of the battery is 3.2mm.

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Rated voltage, also known as nominal voltage, button type lithium manganese battery battery voltage are 3.0V, open circuit voltage is usually 3.1-3.3V.

Working current:

Working current refers to the current value that the battery can output when working; the standard current value of CR1632 is 0.2mA, mainly used for low-power electronic products, the general battery can provide 0.001mA to 5mA of output current.

(Connected to the PCB board)

1. with the battery holder; battery holder with plug-in or SMD feet, can be soldered in the PCB board hole or pad, the battery placed in the battery holder;

2. spot welding on the battery, solder the pins, and then solder the battery with feet on the PCB board. Points to note are.

(1). battery spot welding will generate high temperature and pressure, which will easily harm the electrical properties of the battery, so non-specialist manufacturers, should not spot weld the battery.

(2). spot welding of the battery can not be over wave welding, it will cause a short circuit of the battery and lead to scrap;

CR1632 (2)

They can be widely used in: electronic scales, remote controls, IC cards, computer motherboards, calculators, Internet of Things, handwriting boards, shoe lights, LED lights, electronic watches and other products.

In the cooperation projects with customers, the battery capacity is sufficient and the performance is stable, which is well received by customers. In addition, Liyuan's patented technology is more obvious in small-size batteries (we have developed LIR854/LIR943 and other small-size batteries), and is the industry leader in the discharge platform and high-current discharge. At the same time, in the fast charging of TWS Bluetooth headphones, Liyuan secondary batteries have the core advantage and also perform well in terms of cycle life and self-discharge loss.

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