BR2016 button cell implantable medical device / equipment special hearing aid battery

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First, primary batteries: respectively - LR alkaline batteries (1.5V), SR silver oxide batteries (3V), ZA zinc-air batteries (1.4V), CR primary lithium batteries (3V), BR wide temperature button batteries, etc.

Second, secondary batteries: respectively - LIR secondary batteries (3.7V), nickel-metal hydride batteries (Ni-MH), nickel-cadmium batteries (Ni-Cd), etc.

Button battery characteristics of each type.

Alkaline button cell - good discharge effect, relatively expensive. Nominal capacity 15mAh~140mAh, mostly used in electronic toys, hearing aids, lighters, watches, etc.

Zinc oxide silver button battery - the best among button batteries. Higher capacity than carbon and alkaline button batteries. Good voltage stability. (90% partial power, voltage stability above 1.45V; after 10% power, rapid linear discharge downward.) This kind of battery, good anti-leakage effect, suitable for long-lasting use. It is used in hearing aids, cameras, watches, calculators, etc.

In addition, about the use of "zinc electrode" button battery - such as alkaline batteries, silver oxide batteries, zinc empty batteries. Due to the manufacturing process, they may contain mercury.

Therefore, it is also necessary to observe the battery casing, whether there is a mercury content mark.

The use of button batteries, is based on the specific circumstances, choose the type of battery suitable for the corresponding environmental characteristics. Try to choose, mercury-free button batteries; reasonable recycling, not arbitrarily discarded to prevent environmental pollution. Primary batteries, secondary rechargeable batteries, to distinguish, reasonable and standardized use.

Above, is the button battery some content points to share. Thus, on the button battery, what can be used for secondary charging, recycling, I wonder if we all have a bottom in mind?

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