BR1616 Anti-loss positioning lights dazzling music Bluetooth retractable self-timer button battery

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CR series = 3.0V button cell
CR wide temperature battery -40+125 degrees = 3.0V button cell
LIR lithium ion series = 3.6V rechargeable button cell (Bluetooth headset rechargeable button cell)
AG series = 1.5V dry cell
AA, AAA dry cell, 23A, 27A
Solder foot, solder wire, snap-in battery

Application range.

CR series: electronic scales, remote controls, IC cards, computer motherboards, calculators, Internet of things, handwriting boards, shoe lights, LED lights, electronic watches, etc.

CR wide temperature battery -40+125 degrees: temperature and humidity sensor, electrical equipment, mobile police terminal, automobile tire pressure meter, industrial control motherboard, etc.

LIR lithium-ion series: Bluetooth headset, medical equipment (blood glucose meter, gastroscope capsule, hearing aid), features: rechargeable

AG series: toys, flashlights, hearing aids, calculators, electronic watches, anti-theft devices, watch movements, electronic desk calendars

AA, AAA dry cell, 23A, 27A: remote control, national defense, scientific research, drilling, telecommunications, navigation, aviation, medical, high-altitude meteorological and industrial and agricultural production lighting, electronic computers, televisions, tape recorders, cameras, electronic clocks, electronic watches.

Solder foot, weld line, card mount battery: all of the above batteries a processing, the application range can be.

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