3.6V lithium ion rechargeable button cell

  • Lithium ion rechargeable battery LIR943

    Lithium ion rechargeable battery LIR943

    Button cell, also known as button battery, is a small button battery, generally larger in diameter and thinner in thickness (as opposed to columnar batteries such as No. 5 AA batteries on the market). Button battery is the shape of the battery to be divided, the same corresponding battery classification are columnar batteries, square batteries, shaped batteries.

  • Hearing aid special button battery LIR1043

    Hearing aid special button battery LIR1043

    Under the diligent research and development of scientific personnel, for TWS professional preparation of rechargeable button battery LIR1043, the model battery diameter 10MM. thickness 4.3MM, the model is small and thin, but sufficient capacity, can reach 40 mAh, and by repeated testing. LIR1043 can be charged with 70 mA (2C), charging performance is good, market research, customer response, the battery will soon be loved by some headphone party program and become the future big bang.

  • Lithium ion button cell LIR1054

    Lithium ion button cell LIR1054

    A typical capsule endoscope consists of seven parts, a transparent housing, a light source, an imaging element, a sensor, a battery, a transmitter module and an antenna. In simple terms: a capsule endoscope is a capsule that can take pictures and then transmit the images to the recorder in real time. Endoscope requirements for the battery: high capacity, high energy density, 500 times the capacity retention rate is still greater than 80%, with high safety performance and good storage performance.

  • Bluetooth headset special button battery LIR1254

    Bluetooth headset special button battery LIR1254

    Button cell (button cell) is also known as button battery, button battery in general, there are commonly rechargeable and non-rechargeable two, rechargeable including 3.6V rechargeable lithium-ion button battery (LIR series), 3V rechargeable lithium-ion button battery (ML or VL series); non-rechargeable including 3V lithium-manganese button battery (CR series) and 1.5V alkaline zinc-manganese button battery (LR and SR series).

  • LIR1454


    Liyuan battery technology BR1220 high and low temperature resistance 3V computer CMOS motherboard disposable button cell BR1220 is a customized wide temperature battery based on the conventional CR1220 coin cell (-20℃~ +60℃), with stronger high temperature resistance, working temperature can reach -40℃~ +125℃, can work in higher temperature resistant environmental equipment, can be applied to all kinds of high precision precision instruments and environmental temperature harsh environment. ...
  • LIR854


    LIR854 Hearing Aid Coin Cell Battery Different types of hearing aids have different power, functions and power consumption; in addition, different people wearing the same hearing aid have different hearing loss, so the battery power consumption may also vary depending on the gain, volume level, function and daily use time. As the life of a hearing aid increases and the internal components age, the power consumption also increases. When hearing aids work, they require batteries to power them....
  • LIR1654


    Product performance Standard Test Conditions The test battery must be a new battery that has been out of the factory for no more than one month, and the battery has not been charged and discharged for more than five times, except for other special requirements. The test conditions Specified in this product specification are: temperature 25±2℃, relative humidity 45%~85% standard test conditions. Requirements for measuring equipment The accuracy of the measuring instrument shall be greater...
  • LIR1454


    Lithium ion button cell LIR1154 Battery Brand: Shenzhen Liyuan Battery Series: Button cell Battery origin: Shenzhen Battery Type: Lithium Metal Battery Product certification: ROHS/UL/MSDS/CE/BIS/IE62133/CB Standard capacity: 55±2mAh Scope of application: Bluetooth headset, medical devices (blood glucose meter, gastroscope capsule, hearing aid) Liyuan battery technology under the diligent research and development of scientific researchers for the TWS Bluetooth headset industry developed...